The Best Running Experience for iPhone.

Cleaner, simpler, and better than Nike+, Strava, and RunKeeper.

Start a Run. Fast.

No delays. Stop fiddling with settings, presets, and playlists - just GO. It’s easy to see how far, fast, or long you're going during a run (no more squinting or stopping to see the screen during a run - YAY!).

Watch yourself improve.

Check your progress and watch yourself improve through beautiful distance and pace graphs. See past routes, distance, time, calories, and pace. Runr works with Apple Health on iOS 8 so you can get an overview of your health with the Health App.

Lose weight or stay fit.

Run to lose weight or stay fit. Calorie tracking and pace monitoring help you reach your personal goals. Easily keep track of your PRs with Game Center achievements and leaderboards. While you run, hear spoken feedback about distance, time, calories, and pace.

Train and register for races.

Train for your next Marathon or 5K with Runr. View races in your area, get the scoop, see who else is going, and then make the commitment: REGISTER!


Runr motivates, privately tracks, and reminds you.

Notifications & Reminders

On your run, you'll get live voice and text feedback. Notifications display on your lockscreen and the familiar voice of Siri will give you encouragement - all during your run.

Privacy & Security

Your health and location are personal. Keep it that way with Runr, an app that never broadcasts or shares your personal information. Apps like Nike+ or RunKeeper automatically post your routes to social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Stay safe: with Runr you choose what you want to share, when to share it, how to share it, and who to share it with.

Health & Competition

Sync your runs with the Apple Health app. Runr will become an integral part of how you track calories burned and distance traveled. Earn achievements and climb leaderboards on Game Center for a little friendly competition.


A better running experience for less than a cup of coffee

Subscribing to Runr Premium gives you access to all kinds of great features and updates. And you can choose between monthly and yearly memberships for less than the price of a cup of coffee. With a Premium subscription, you get all of the following plus all content in future updates (and we've got a lot planned).

Feature Free Premium
Audio and Notification Feedback
Notification Center Today Widget
Unlimited Run Log 10 MAX
Unlimited Nearby Races 5 MAX
Pace Colored Routes -
Music Playback -
Future Updates -

How does Runr stack up against competing run-tracking apps with subscriptions? Less expensive, by a long shot!

App Name Monthly Price Yearly Price
Runr $0.99 $3.99
Vima $0.99 $5.99
Strava $5.99 $59.99
RunKeeper $9.99 $39.99
Runtime - $4.99